Change Log

Version 3.2.38 - December 2018


  • 15332 - Channel Articles: Increased the paragraph spacing on channel article detail page.

Android App Update - Version - December 2018


  • 15196 – Settings: Ability to click settings on login page to check app version and update domain has been fixed.

  • 15320 – Install: App should now open on older phones.

Version 3.2.37 - December 2018


  • 15324 - Profiles: Profile image upload feature hidden until further work completed.


  • 15323 – Article Comments: Design of user avatars and usernames displayed next to comments has been fixed.

  • 15326 – Fancy Newsfeed: Refresh button is now working on fancy newsfeed.

  • 15325 – Rosters: The back button from the roster detail page now directs the user back to the previous page.

Android App Update - Version 2.4.1 - December 2018


  • 15194 - External Links: Style updates to 'Done' button on in-app browser.

  • 15066 - External Links: When an external link is clicked within the app the link opens in the in-app browser.


  • 15153 - Loading: When the app loads a screen with Mumba logo is displayed rather than a white screen.

  • 15207 - File Links: File links can now be opened.

  • 15152 - Binding Page: Submit button updated to show 'Binding in Progress' once 'Submit' is clicked.

Version 3.2.33 - December 2018


  • 15095 - Images: Vertical alignment of images within thumbnails/ banner on newsfeed has been changed from 'middle' to 'top'.

  • 14987 - Error Pages: Design and text updated on error pages e.g. 404 error.

  • 14719 – Channel Articles: Updates made to the design of pinned articles.

  • 15223 – Rosters: ‘Calendar’ and ‘List View’ tabs swapped around.


  • 14690 - Channels: Added users 'department' and 'locations' if available under the channels user listings.

  • 15120 – Rosters: Ability to only display start date and time for specific employees.

  • 15203 – Login: Loading icon added to login button.

  • 15214 – Change Password: Thinking icon added when clicking back from change password page.

  • 14366 – Profile: Ability to upload profile images.

Version 3.2.8 - November 2018


  • 14685 - Profile: Username that appears on the My Profile page header has been changed to the word 'My Profile'.

  • 14687 - Channel Gallery: Channel gallery is now only visible to users with admin, global.admin and channel owner permission.

  • 14851 - Pay: Design changes have been made to the pay detail page template.

  • Channel Posts: Various design changes made to channel post list and detail pages.


  • 14887 - Channel Posts: When an internal link to a large page body is clicked in a post it now directs the user to the top of the page and is in focus.

  • 14678 - Keycloak: All fields on account page are now hidden for regular end users.

  • 14866 - Rosters: Width of calendar has been reduced so that the list items display better on browsers and tablets.

  • 15094 - Channel Posts: Large images uploaded to posts are now cropped to a max 800px.

  • 15054 - Rosters: Design fixes including ensuring 'View' is displayed in full when roster day is selected, 'View' colour is consistent on browser and mobile app, date and roster lines are displayed better on one line each.

  • 15074 - Rosters: Ensuring that roster shifts are displayed once and not duplicated.

  • 15063 - Android Login: Login button colour is changed when login button is pressed to ensure user is aware button has been clicked.

  • 14843 - Profile: Edit profile has been updated to allow users to enter / or . in address one field if this feature is being used by the customer site.

  • 14867 - Leave: Design updates made to leave detail page to ensure the leave comments section fits well on the page.

  • 14733 - Automatic Logout: A user is automatically logged out of the site after a period of no activity if configured on the customer site.


  • 14988 - Tile Manager: External tiles can open on the same or new tab when being created or edited.

  • 15018 - Icons: New icons have been added and are available when creating tiles.

  • 14970 - Rosters: Rosters page can be configured to display 'List View' or 'Calendar View' by default.

Version 3.1.48 - November 2018


  • 14842 - Channels: Updates have been made to the design of channel images on the channel list page.


  • 14853 - Permissions: A fix has been applied to ensure new users that get provisioned receive base permissions even if RabbitMQ is unavailable.

  • 14682 - Posts: On the post detail page additional body text padding has been added to mobile and title text on both mobile and desktop now have consistent size proportions.

  • 14841 - Channels: User avatars no longer overlap list of members on manage members page.

  • 14781 - Login: Users that contain a letter in their username can now successfully login.

  • 14559 - More Button: More button is now clickable on all areas of the button when using IE11.

  • 14654 - Password Management: CSS is now being displayed on the update password screen.


  • 13815 - Rosters: A list view has been added to the roster page in addition to the existing calendar view.

Version 3.1.36 - October 2018


  • Channels: Design updates made to channel list page.


  • 14677 - Posts: Hyperlinks to internal pages now work as expected. Hyperlink format must be #/*

  • 14664 - User Acceptance Note: User acceptance note now displays immediately after login for a first time user (this was not working as expected for customers using fancy newsfeed layout on login).

  • 14493 - Post Comments: Comment icon is no longer visible on newsfeed and post list page if a customer site is not using post commenting.


  • 14739 - Leave: Timezone support for NZ employees added.

Version 3.1.32 - October 2018


  • 14659 - Channel Posts: Users with permission groups 'global.admin' and/or 'channel.owner' have been granted access to edit/delete post comments.


  • 14658 - Channel Posts: Time to read is now being correctly displayed on fancy newsfeed.

  • 14675 - Login: Footer text has been removed on login page to ensure that inputs and buttons are not overlapped by the footer text.

  • 14680 - Images: A fix has been applied to ensure that images across the site do not display as broken.


  • 14656 - Login: The ability to keep a user logged in can be configured for a site and displayed as an option for the user on the login page.

  • 14639 - Icons: New icons have been added to sites and inherit the site colours.

Version 3.1.30 - October 2018


  • 14123 - Channels: Tabs for Articles and Photos has been removed. Photos is now accessible via the 'More' > 'Gallery' menu in the toolbar.

  • 14564 - Channel Posts: 'Short Description' has been changed to 'Teaser'.


  • 14365 - User Acceptance Note: A site can be configured to require a user to accept terms and conditions when they first login.

  • 14307 - Channel Posts: A post can be scheduled to be published and /or unpublished at a future date.

  • 14354 - Channel Posts: Time to read a post is now displayed on the fancy newsfeed and on the article detail page. The calculation is 300 words per minute rounded up.

Version 3.1.14 - September 2018


  • 14461 - Analytics: Issue with blank red toaster being displayed has been resolved.

Version 3.1.10 - September 2018


  • 14356 - Notification Templates: Option to manage notification templates under the Admin dashboard is now visible.


  • 14035 - Mobile App: The mobile app shell has been updated. Users will be prompted to download the new app shell when they open the app.

  • 14193 - Manage Tiles: All tiles are now managed through Admin > Manage Tiles except for Profile and Notifications.

  • 14124 - Articles: 'Articles' has been renamed to 'Posts'.


  • 14275 - Post Comments: Sites can be configured to allow members to comment on posts.

Version 3.0.91 - September 2018


  • 13733 - Leave: Additional leave types have been added for users requesting leave.


  • 13711 - Payslip Permissions: A new role has been created to enable payslips tile to only display for certain users.

  • 5110 - Manage Tiles: Roles have been added when creating and editing tiles to enable administrators to determine which users have access to the tiles.

Version 3.0.67 - August 2018


  • 13666 - Leave Exports: The action button is now disabled after it has been clicked to ensure the user cannot click the button multiple times.

  • 13532 - Leave Review: Once a pending cancel request is actioned, the status is updated without having to refresh the page.

  • 13756 - Leave Review: When a button is disabled it is no longer clickable and a red toaster does not display.

  • 13043 - Channels: When creating or editing a channel or article the 'Save' button is disabled once clicked to avoid multiple clicks.

  • 13911 - Keycloak: Modified to accept case sensitive usernames when creating a new user through keycloak or through an import user plugin.

  • 13748 - Articles: Minor fixes to the design on the article list and detail pages including colour and alignment of default images, short description text does not exceed space provided, 'Draft' text is left aligned for draft articles.


  • 13940 - Search Results: List items display as expected on Latest News, Browse Benefits and User Search for Channels following an update from Elasticsearch to MySQL queries.


  • 8177 - Leave: Leave balance can now be displayed in days as well as hours.

Version 3.0.38 - August 2018


  • 13257 - Channel Articles: The article body preview is only displayed when preview is selected.

  • 13629, 13655 and 13776 - Monitoring: When services are unavailable they should automatically retry connection or provide an appropriate error for Mumba to action.


  • 13262 - Analytics: Admins can view how many times tiles are clicked by viewing Analytics then Tile Click Metrics.

  • 13665 - Manage Tiles: Admins can select the tile background and text colour when creating or editing tiles.

  • 13041 - Channel Articles: Tables can be added to the article body using the markdown editor.

Version 1.17.16 - July 2018


  • 13118 - Manage Users: Able to manually add new users.

  • 13529 - Leave: Ability to review leave is visible to all users with permission.

  • 13512 - Notifications: Allow the use of special characters in leave email notifications.

  • 13298 - Leave Exports: Allow the use of special characters in leave reports.


  • 13542 - UI: New user interface implemented across all features:

    • New dashboard theme

    • New payslips template

    • Various other theme changes.


  • 13205 - Leave: Introducing new Manage Leave feature:

    • Access via Review tab or Manage Leave menu

    • Manage Leave page displays three tabs: Review (pending items), Past and Future (showing subordinates past and future requests)

    • Filter added on Past and Future tabs

    • Notifications direct the Reviewer to the new Manage Leave feature.

  • 13083 - Mobile App: App will be automatically updated with latest released changes.