Contacting Mumba Support

Contacting Mumba Support involves a 2-step process:

Step 1: Collecting Issue Information to lodge a support request with Mumba

Step 2: Lodging the support request with Mumba

Collecting Issue Information to Lodge a Request with Mumba Support

If Helpdesk is unable to resolve the issue following the steps above, then the following information must be collected before logging an issue with Mumba Support.

This information needs to be collected for all issues and attached to the support request. See Submitting a Support Request below.

General Information





User:What is the login username/ID of the person/people experiencing the issue?


Site: What site the issue is related to (Prod/UAT)?


Device:What device is the user experiencing the issue on? (e.g. PC, iPhone, Android)


App:Is the issue related to the mobile app or the desktop or both?


Version:What version of the app/website is the user viewing?


Browser Type: What browser type and version has this issue been experienced on?


Date & Time:What date and time did the user experience this problem? (This will allow Mumba to match the logs to the date and time).


Replicate Issue:Can the issue be replicated by another user?


Additional Info:Please request any other relevant additional user input information related to the issue (for example, when using a password reset function, the user supplies an email. Therefore, we will need to know what email they used).

Additional Information

If the issue is relating to email notifications, please request the following information;





Valid Email: Does the user have a valid email address?


Password Management Notifications: Is password Management handled through Mumba or internally? If Mumba, please ask Mumba support for assistance.


Channel Notifications: Is the user a member of the channel? If so, is user information management handled through Mumba or internally? If Mumba, please ask Mumba support for assistance.


Payslips Notifications: Is this the same email address that their payslips are sent to? If integrated with Chris21 or another vendor, is the user set up in C21?


Leave notifications: If Mumba has integrated with Kronos, please confirm if the user a Kronos or non-Kronos employee? Note:If the email notification should be sent from Kronos then this is likely a Kronos and not a Mumba issue. Please ask someone from the Kronos team for support.

If the issue is relating to Leave, please request the following information;





Kronos or Non-Kronos: Is the issue related to Kronos or Non-Kronos user (this will be relevant if the issue is regarding Leave and Rosters)?


Date Submitted: What date was the last leave request submitted on?


Date Range Requested: What date and range was the leave request submitted for?


Last Successful Date Range: What date and range was the last successful leave request submitted for?

The helpdesk representative will need to collect all the relevant data from above before Mumba can look into the issue.

How to Submit a Support Request

In order to log an issue with Mumba Support the following information is required as part of the support request:

  1. All information from ‘Collecting Issue Information to lodge a request with Mumba Support’ from above

  2. Steps to reproduce the issue and expected behaviour (see Example below)

  3. Any relevant screenshots

Example of Submitting a Support Request

Issue Information

[Insert Issue Information Here]

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Visit [insert site URL]

  2. Click reset password

  3. Check your email and click on the password reset link.

  4. Observe that the change password email was not sent to the user.

Expected behaviour

  1. The change password email should have been sent through to the user.


[Insert Screenshot Here]

Submitting the Support Request

Please send your issue to Mumba Support via email to the following address:

This will create a ticket in our support portal that will be assigned to our team and followed up as per our support policies.