What are Channels

The Channels Module allows companies and teams to easily communicate - all through their personal mobile phones. Any number of Channels can be easily created to segment and target important information including messages, alerts, articles, news, video, files etc. to specific groups of employees.
You can access the Channels Module by clicking on the "Channels" tile from your home dashboard.

Channel List Page

Once you click on the "Channels" tile, you will be taken to the "Channel List Page" where you can select a channel and view it's content.

There are 2 tabs on the channel list Page:

  1. 1.
    My Channels (all users)
  2. 2.
    All Channels (admin only)
"My Channels" is visible to people who have access to Mumba and you'll only see Channels that you're a member of (Channel Member). If you're a Channel Member, then you will receive any communications sent through that Channel i.e. people only see information based on the Channels that they belong to - this is a proven way to avoid information overload.
"All Channels" is a list of every channel that has been created in the app and is only visible to Admin Users that have permission to view all channels (i.e. Global administrators).

What can Channel Members do in Channels?

Channel Members can only view content in a Channel and cannot create new content or edit existing content.
Channel Members are also restricted from accessing certain Admin features (such as editing the Channel, publishing/unpublishing content and adding/removing Channel Members).
Please see "Channel Roles & Permissions" for more information.

"My Channels" tab

"All Channels" tab

Types of Channels that can be created

You can create an unlimited number of Channels, here are some examples that might give you an idea of how Channels can be used within your business.
  • Safety (All communication relating to employee Safety and Occupational Health and Safety)
  • Global News (All communication that is relevant to all employees relating to company news)
  • From the CEO (A Channel that the CEO can use to send messages to all employees)
  • Human Resources (Department Channel. Only relevant to Human Resources)
  • Senior Management (A channel that only senior Management has access to)
  • NSW Management (Only Management within NSW will have access to this channel)
  • Sales Reps (A Channel for Sales Reps)

The Channel Homepage

Once you've clicked into a Channel from the Channel Listing page you'll be taken into the "Channel Homepage"
Within the channel homepage there are the following tabs that you can browse: 1. Articles 2. Messages 3. Photos
Please see the help guide on each of these features for more information.
To exit a channel, simply click on the back button to be taken to the Channel Listing or click on the "Home" icon from your toolbar to be taken to the main dashboard.