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What is the "Latest News"

On the Mumba dashboard you will notice a tile saying "Latest News". This is a news feed of all the articles that have been published from the channels you are a member of.

How the "Latest News" feed works

When an article is published in a channel that you're a member of, that article will automatically go into a news feed under the latest news tile.
This becomes a collection of all published articles so that you don't have to go into each individual channel to view the latest news/articles published.
These articles are sorted with the most recently published at the top (they are not sorted by Channel).
When you click on an article from the latest news feed, you'll be taken to the article detail page within the Channel where you can read the full article.
Admins or users with permission will be able to edit the article from this page if needed.
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What is the "Latest News"
How the "Latest News" feed works