Mumba Dashboard

The Mumba Cloud Dashboard is made up of a standard navigation toolbar as well as different modules represented by tiles.


The navigation toolbar is accessible throughout the app and comprises of the following features:

  • Home button

  • Notifications bell

  • Additional menu items such as:

    • My Profile

    • Change Password

    • Logout


Dashboard tiles vary depending on what Modules have been included in your app.

Some of Mumba's standard modules include:

  • My Profile

  • Notifications

  • Latest News

  • Channels

  • Manage Users (admin)

Other modules include:

  • My Pay

  • My Leave

  • My Roster

  • Payroll

  • Forms

  • Jobs

  • Onboarding

  • Pop-out tiles to other systems

Additional Modules can be added and customised as required.